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Welcome to the latest instalment of our Speaker Series, providing you with exclusive access to our experts and award-winning partners.

This month we spoke with our Founder and Managing Director, Tim Lowe, who has led the team at Lowe Living and Lowe Create in forging a name as market leaders in the development of luxury medium-density residential apartments and townhomes of the highest quality and craftsmanship in Melbourne’s most desirable locations.

We asked Tim to share how Lowe Living has evolved over the past six years and the impact it’s making to the industry and the broader community.

Tim Lowe, Founder and Managing Director Lowe Living & Lowe Create

How has the business evolved since its inception?

When we started Lowe Living, we identified a gap in the market for high-quality, architecturally-designed, owner-occupier apartments in Melbourne’s highly sought-after suburbs. We brought the legacy and experience of over 40 years of building homes and low-rise developments in Bayside, and leveraged this with the client at the heart of the process.

With every project we have continued to redefine expectations on delivering a house-like feel within multi-residential developments, incorporating spacious interiors with an abundance of natural light and lush outdoor spaces that create a sense of sanctuary.

We have strengthened our dedication to delivering the highest level of client satisfaction, offering personalisation and customisation opportunities to ensure their new homes meet all their needs and will be loved for many years to come.

Our partnerships with leading furniture retailers and window furnishing specialists continues to expand, providing our clients the opportunity to make their new home even more perfect for them.

After establishing a strong presence and setting a new benchmark for development and construction of boutique medium-density residential apartments and townhomes in the Bayside area, we have now broadened our presence in Melbourne’s most aspirational suburbs and expanded out of Bayside with Larnook Armadale.

We are so proud of what we have achieved over these past six years, particularly during the past two years in a pandemic. Some of our highlights include:

Larnook Armadale

"Our future looks bright as we continue to evolve by branching out to inner city locations and beyond, and bringing that boutique quality and client care to larger medium-density residences." - Tim Lowe

Alamer Brighton | HIA Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards Finalist AND Urban Developer Small Scale Development of the Year Finalist

What has remained unchanged about the business?

Our ethos of bringing together industry-leading experts who share our vision for excellence and meticulous attention to detail. From design and creative partners to our sales, marketing and construction experts, each project team is carefully curated to respond to its unique needs.

Also, our unique position of having the construction team vertically integrated in the business has enabled us to ensure the vision of each project is delivered with superior craftsmanship and exceptional delivery.

Lumiere Black Rock | HIA Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards Finalist

What unique impact do you think Lowe Living is making to the industry and the broader community?

We believe it’s time for property developers to be positive change makers and community enhancers, and feel we’re at the forefront of reshaping that narrative. Our aim is to be known for our commitment to excellence, integrity and client-first approach, delivering what we promised our clients to schedule. We have settled a number of projects in the last two years that have demonstrated our commitment to delivering on our promises.

We pride ourselves on collaborating with market leading architects, interior architects and landscape designers to produce high quality, beautiful residences that respond to their environment and create a connection to the local community. We approach every project as an opportunity to show that thoughtful design can enrich the lives of the homeowner, enhance and respect the history and natural beauty of the location, and leave a legacy for years to come.

Sustainability is another key consideration in all our projects. Not only in materials and technological innovation, but also how our developments impact their environment. Without compromising on quality or design, our residences incorporate strong sustainability features, with a focus on renewable energy, fossil fuel free energy, with high energy ratings.

In having an owner-occupier focus, we’re creating communities of like-minded people within each project and provide events and opportunities for our clients to develop lifelong relationships.

Very Special Kids Golf Day

As part of our mission to deliver positive change to the communities we serve, we’ve partnered with children’s charity, Very Special Kids. This partnership not only provides financial support, but also enables the community-minded team within Lowe Living to volunteer their own personal time to the charity. As a corporate presenting partner, this past year we have contributed over $35,000 to events that have helped raise more than $1.6 million.

Finally, we bring a boutique approach to medium-density project development. We are constantly seeking ways through design, community involvement and client advocacy to integrate a small-scale approach to large projects. Promenade Aspendale, Azura Aspendale and our upcoming project, situated on Hampton Street, Hampton are excellent examples of this.

Now is your moment to secure a coveted Lowe Living residence. Register your interest in our latest projects Sera Brighton and Larnook Armadale. With Topaz Parkdale already 85% sold, only two completed residences remaining at La Sal Chelsea, and just one luxury beachfront residence available at Azura Aspendale, don’t delay in reaching out to our team today.

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