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Hassle-free partnership delivers perfect option for downsizers

The idea of downsizing can be daunting for prospective sellers. Often home owners are deeply connected to their local community; they might have built lasting friendships with their neighbours, be proud, long-standing members of the local tennis club or watched their children grow up playing in the surrounding streets.

Property owners might be looking for something more functional with less maintenance than a large home, but the thought of selling and purchasing a new property, along with the associated hassle, can be overwhelming.

Working with a trusted company like Lowe Living can make achieving the next step in your property journey easier and enjoyable. With strong heritage in the local area, the Lowe name has an outstanding record in the construction and delivery of luxury apartment developments.

Lowe Living is renowned for creating generous, high quality options for owner-occupiers in exclusive locations. Our experienced team work in partnership with property owners who are living on unique pieces of land to create stunning boutique developments, for the owner to live in at project completion.

One advantage of this approach is that it enables you to release equity in your home. Securing equity in this way, potentially in preparation for retirement, allows them to continue living the lifestyle they desire. We will work with you to realise the potential of your property.

Offering end-to-end service with meticulous attention to detail, we will guide you through every step of the journey to offer a seamless transition from start to finish.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of our partnerships with award winning architects, who deliver beautiful, state of the art homes that will be admired for years to come. Our focus on individuality gives you the unique opportunity to work with leading interior designers to contribute to the home’s floorplan and design. Together, we create a sophisticated, high-quality product that incorporates your personal touches.

Our homes are thoughtfully constructed to deliver quality, style and enjoyable living. In particular, our emphasis on space means that choosing to downsize doesn’t need to mean compromising on lifestyle.

For people wanting to continue enjoying the familiarity of living where they are, whether that be close to family and friends, a favourite coffee shop or the local beach, a partnership with Lowe Living is the perfect option.

Partnering with Lowe Living in this way means that you’ll be joined by like-minded residents who will enjoy the same vibrant lifestyle you already call your own. We build communities of people who are at the same stage in their life and who share an appreciation of elegant living and a love for what Bayside has to offer.

We listen to and understand your vision for your next property. And we’re committed to making it a reality. And even if you are not sure what to do with your property, we will work with you on creating something you will love to call home.

For more information about a partnership with Lowe Living, contact Lisa on 0437 747 057, email or click here.