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17 July 2019



As a market-leading property development and construction company, Lowe Group specialises in the creation of high-quality apartments, townhouses and homes in Melbourne’s most aspirational suburbs. With a proud heritage of over 60 years experience, Lowe Group excels in exceptional design sophistication, meticulous construction and remarkable efforts in client services.

Our passionate team of industry professionals are driven by the pursuit of excellence and value to the client in everything we do. From sales to design, construction to property development, our team offers end-to-end service: guiding you through the process of purchase and customisation; managing construction through our building partner, Lowe Create; and providing support even after you’ve moved into your new home. Collaboration, unity and respect remain the core values of our business where relationships and shared goals are paramount.

As the leader of the Lowe Group team, Tim Lowe is passionate about the construction of high-end residential homes and prides himself on creating smart and intelligent property solutions with meticulous attention to detail. Holding a Bachelor of Engineering and close to 15 years of industry experience working with top companies including tier one construction firms, Tim has a comprehensive understanding of construction methodologies and complex structures.

Tim’s passion and goals are reflected by the rest of the team, with everyone sharing a commitment to purpose and precision across each division of the business.
Development Management

The development division of Lowe Group is directed by Jared Byass. Jared has an extensive, yet varied, knowledge of the property and construction industry. With over 15 years of experience in multi-residential development management, Jared has worked for some of Melbourne’s leading property developers including the acclaimed Gurner TM.

Managing every stage of the development process from land acquisition to project proposals, Jared also forges successful long-term relationships with quality partners including an extensive portfolio of premium design partners which allows Lowe Living to develop projects with exceptional design sophistication and quality, aligned with our client’s values.

Our relationship with premium partners allows our clients to have access to high-level design detail throughout the sales journey and after, for transparency during the research and customisation phase of their journey.

Architecture and Design
As the driving force behind the Lowe name within the Bayside area, Brian Lowe is a well-established building and construction expert with a prized reputation and a career boasting over 45 years of experience.

Brian directs the architecture and design division with superior knowledge of the Bayside area, architecture and construction to ensure every project is guided by a plethora of experience. Working closely with our in-house Project Architect and the Lowe Create team, Brian ensures the client is the priority with quality driving every decision.

Our clients will gain exclusive access to Lowe Living’s Project Architect, Anna Morawiec, during the customisation process after purchasing their new off the plan home. One of the most important stages of their journey includes the Welcome Meeting, where we engage closely with our clients to ensure they understand the particulars of their future home and allow them to personalise prior to construction. Working closely with Tim and Anna throughout their entire journey, we promote our clients to consider how the space can work for them and ensure the space is how they envisioned when we deliver the final their new home.

Marketing and Client Services
Leading the marketing and client services team within the Lowe Living division, Emma Lowe has a celebrated career in marketing with close to 15 years’ experience spanning across multiple industries including property, retail, travel and entertainment. Holding a Bachelor of Business and Commerce with majors in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, her results driven and passionate ethos has led her to working in management roles for some of Australia’s top companies including Coles, Jetstar Airways, Seven Media Group and Crown Resorts.

Our in-house marketing team work closely with the design and development team to develop premium sales materials, for a project brand that resonates with the architecture, design and location of each project. Sharing the same vision and goals toward 100% client satisfaction, the marketing and client services teams align to ensure there is a smooth transition from the initial introduction, through to purchase and post-purchase.

From the very first meeting, our in-house client services team work closely with clients to fully understand their unique needs, preferences and long-held goals. We understand the enormity of the decision to buy off the plan and one of our key focuses is communication. Client engagement is of the upmost importance to our Client Services team, who remain in close contact at every stage of the development lifecycle including sales, customisation, construction and beyond.

Lowe Create’s construction team is led by Tim Gurry. Tim holds over 18 years of industry experience working across various sectors within the construction industry including commercial, fit-out, multi-residential and residential. His expert knowledge and passion for the industry is celebrated by his rich history in completing a plethora of large projects throughout his career.

Tim and the entire Lowe Create team work closely with the Project Architect and Client Services team to ensure our client’s personalised design changes are delivered. To achieve transparency, communication is also a key priority for the construction team and regular walk-through’s are scheduled at key milestones throughout the construction process. Our client’s will have the opportunity to meet the Lowe Create team during these walk-through’s and at handover, when we take you through your new home.

As a team, Lowe Group focus on creating the homes that people want, rather than finding people to fill the homes we build. Our client is at the forefront of our business and at the epicentre of everything we do. By staying true to our core values of collaboration, unity and respect, we are able to unite as one and set new standards for home design and attention to detail in homes of sophisticated luxury.
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