From Planned to Perfect: Lowe Living introduces our best-in-industry Construction Team


23 May 2023


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As a boutique developer, Lowe Living is dedicated to reimagining medium-density living with our comprehensive service offering. From development and client services to construction, we oversee every step of the process. Our end-to-end business model allows us to identify and address any challenges early on, so you can be confident in the quality and delivery of our projects. This month we sat down with our Director of Construction, Damien Jakymczuk, to discuss all things construction and how our in-house team contributes to Lowe Living’s commitment to delivering high-quality developments for our discerning clients.

How our in-house Construction team delivers superior outcomes, time and time again

Behind every quality project is a quality team. We’ve assembled the best in the industry to build our projects, enabling us to provide quality control, a nimble and agile business culture, and an opportunity for mentoring our younger team members.

We are committed to delivering premium projects. How do we do it? By bringing together the best talent in the industry across development, construction and client services under one roof and ensuring we have complete control over every aspect of the process. This means our clients get the highest quality work, a personalised approach to every project, and the assurance that we’ll deliver the best possible spaces for our clients.

At Lowe Living, we understand the difference that superior home design and quality craftsmanship can make in our daily lives. It’s why our construction process is managed in-house from start to finish by a team of industry experts.

Client focused from day one

Our Construction Team is across every stage of the journey from concept to completion. This allows us to work consistently, efficiently, and strategically as a team, delivering the best outcomes for our clients.

“We strive for quality on every project working within budgets and timeline constraints. We value the client, as without them, we wouldn’t be building. Our developments are client led, and we work closely with our Client Services team to accommodate bespoke customisation requests to suit a range of unique requirments.

Overcoming market challenges

At Lowe Living, we prioritise transparency throughout all aspects of our business, including development and design. By doing so, we can anticipate and navigate changes before they arise, helping our Construction Team to stay nimble and agile in the face of unforeseen obstacles. In turn, this approach allows us to mitigate any challenges early on, giving us a distinct advantage over other developers with different levels of collaboration between their construction and development teams.“Labour and material procurement will continue to be a challenge in 2023.

To combat this, we prioritise early procurement to secure better pricing and avoid cost escalation. Damien acknowledges “ with a dedicated estimator and cost planner within the team our collaboration with contractors is essential, working seamlessly together to utilise their business knowledge to prevent cost creep and variation blowouts”.

“We have a great list of repeat contractors who understand the business and work proactively with the team to tackle these challenges. We also have a rigorous training program and a motto within Lowe Living that we can achieve anything when we work together. I encourage the team to take on more responsibilities slowly so they can always be ready to take on the next promotion and role,” Damien says. “It really is like a family in the Construction Team, and we all have each other’s back no matter what role.”

What makes Lowe Living’s Construction Team stand out

”As the Director of Construction at Lowe Living, I take pride in mentoring and watching our young team expand their knowledge and grow within the business – it is one of the reasons I get out of bed in the morning. When I drive by a project we completed and say ‘we built that’, it is an amazing feeling,” says Damien. “This commitment and passion to the business is evident in the quality projects we deliver and the great client feedback we receive.”

Experience the exceptional living and timeless enjoyment a Lowe Living residence affords by exploring our available properties including –

Sera Brighton, sustainably designed at a prestigious bayside address expected to reach completion later this year; Larnook Armadale, which is already 60% sold, offering the ultimate in contemporary sophistication and due for completion later this year; Hampton Hill,  an idyllic composition of relaxed coastal living now under construction , and our latest project Oceano Hampton over 40% sold, with construction commencing shortly.

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