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07 June 2018



Lowe Group has a new home.

Our two divisions Lowe Living and Lowe Create, previously operating in separate office locations, have now come together in our new state-of-the-art Sandringham office.
Lowe Living specialises in the end-to-end development of luxury medium-density residential apartments in best-in-class locations. Lowe Living’s services include site acquisition, development management, sales and marketing support and post-purchase advice. Alongside Lowe Living is Lowe Create, the design and construction partner. Renowned for its trusted design and construction services, Lowe Create provide building services to both Lowe Living and discerning individuals.

Our new office is the next step in the Lowe Group journey. Showcasing a truly collaborative space, our two teams now have the opportunity to work in harmony, achieving more efficient communication and increased output. With an abundance of new projects on the horizon for Lowe Living, as well as our rapid growth and success to date, we have now officially future-proofed our office. The new space has been designed as one we can continue to grow into, both as a team and as a company.

We chose our valued partner, Melbourne-based Studio Tate, to design the new Sandringham office. Studio Tate is renowned for its intelligent design and highly considered methodology that delivers refined beautiful solutions across a range of projects including multi residential, hospitality, retail and workspaces.

Studio Tate’s inspired design vision has created a multi-functional space that will foster innovation, creativity and deliver productivity gains. Flexible, reconfigurable spaces will cater for all aspects of the Lowe Group offering. Client and partner events or seminars, client/partner meetings and the general showcasing of our work will be accommodated within this next generation workplace.

A distinctive style and ambience was achieved for the new front of house Lowe Living space, as well as the back of house areas. The predominately timber finishes with soft lighting and warm tones in the reception area, create a residential feel that introduces purchasers to the quality of our product. The back of house design references the energy and fast-paced creativity of the team, intent on bringing a project from inception to delivery. The high ceilings and industrial aesthetic deliver an environment that is exciting, unique and dynamic.

Our ongoing commitment to providing exclusive boutique living in Melbourne’s coveted Bayside areas guided our decision to position our new office in a location central to our projects and target audience. Sandringham is the perfect place for us now and in the future.

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