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11 July 2017



Showcasing Our Partners

Promenade, meaning ‘boardwalk’ in French is the next project on the horizon for Lowe Living. Due to launch next month, Promenade is a boutique development of premium apartments. Promenade is perfect for those seeking a relaxed, luxurious abode located just moments from the beach via a private access track.

To deliver the vision for Promenade, Lowe Living have forged an ongoing partnership with a professional and trusted team.
Wolveridge Architects have been appointed as the architectural partner. They are well-aligned to Promenade and to the Lowe Living vision, due to their specialism in bespoke projects that respond to the local coastal context of the site as a guiding principle.

Wolveridge Architects are a boutique architectural studio that is internationally recognised for its highly considered architectural projects. They undertake in-depth investigation of the site including its cultural, physical, social and historical attributes before commencing their design.

Promenade’s inspiration for the architectural form was drawn from the mid-century structures that define the area and the prime coastal location. Wolveridge carefully selected robust materials that respond to the marine environment and have an understated timelessness about them, to reflect the architectural heritage of the site and sit in harmony with the surrounds.

A key priority for Lowe Living, is a fluent connection between the architectural form and apartment interiors, to create absolute synergy between indoor and outdoor.

This will be brought to life by Lowe Living’s interiors partners We Are Huntly, a high-end interior design studio who always bring something exclusive to each project. Their emphasis on craftsmanship means they select everything not only on form, but also on function.

We Are Huntly are delivering an organic yet refined palette that is warm and inviting, to create a seamless transition from the beach into the apartment. This will result in the feeling of a home and not just an apartment.

The Promenade homes have the benefit of a customisable design format as purchasers can work closely with the project team and leverage their expertise to personalise design and create their perfect homes.

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