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08 August 2018



Partner with Lowe Living

Lowe Living is a market-leader in realising the property aspirations of our valued clients and partners. Our exceptional industry knowledge and experience builds mutually rewarding relationships with our landowners. We are proud of our proven ability to achieve the best outcomes for our client’s investments and lifestyles. With an extensive portfolio of satisfied landowners, we are continuously inspired to realise premium property solutions for our discerning investors.
As a landowner you own the title of your land and hold the equity in your property. Our experienced team of property specialists at Lowe Living are committed to the development and ongoing growth potential of your property. We provide exemplary service with flexible partnership models, that promote landowners’ autonomy and confidence within a relationship of trust and integrity.

Lowe Living’s passionate team of industry professionals will work with you to realise the potential of your current property or land. Our detailed project proposals, turnkey pricing, premium portfolio of design partners and development management, with a strong focus on sales and marketing, through to the construction process and post-purchase advice, provide landowners with a comprehensive and transparent suite of services.

Lowe Living is renowned for its impressive knowledge of current architectural trends and products, absolute design integrity and technical expertise, creating homes that maximise environmental connection and lifestyle enjoyment. With meticulous attention to detail on every project, our strong collaboration with best-in-industry architects and interior architects ensures the creation of homes of enduring quality and appeal.

Providing building services to Lowe Living, Lowe Create, our design and construct builder has built a strong reputation for showcasing the best in residential construction. The dedicated site team works alongside developers and development managers to ensure the highest levels of design and construction services are achieved at every stage of development. The team also focuses on ensuring project schedules are maintained and optimum site management is achieved.

From the very first meeting, the highly experienced in-house development and client services and marketing teams at Lowe Living work closely with clients to fully understand their unique needs, preferences and long-held goals.

One of our more recent bayside projects, Promenade Aspendale, sold out prior to construction in just 4 months; a testament to the exceptional design sophistication, environmental integration and the remarkable efforts of our client services and marketing team.
Flexible Partnership Models
As a trusted partner, Lowe Living can advise you in the next step of your investment journey. We are committed to realising your goals for releasing the equity in your current property/land, creating an enhanced lifestyle and generating an exceptional return. Our focus is on you as an individual and how best to partner with you, as you transition to a new home. Lowe Living has designed three partnership models, to customise your investment journey.

1. Joint Venture:
As the landowner, you retain ownership of your land for the duration of the development. Lowe Living manages the entire development process for you. One of the boutique apartments/townhouses becomes your beautiful new home and you as the landowner will enter into a profit share agreement whereby you will receive the profits at settlement of the remaining apartments/townhouses.

2. Commercial Partner:
In this model, you will also retain your land for the duration of the development managed by Lowe Living, but you will not occupy any of the completed townhouses/apartments. You will enter into a profit share agreement with Lowe Living receiving your financial return on project completion and once the apartments/townhouses are settled.

3. Sell to Lowe Living:
This third option invites you to sell your land to Lowe Living for the purpose of future development by our team. A longer settlement in exchange for funds can be agreed upon in return for a premium land sale amount.

Our trusted partners testify to the absolute confidence and trust they put in our team. Recently, one of our valued partners, Paul Elliott, engaged Lowe Living to complete his building project – Linacre Park Apartments, Hampton.

“As a landowner, I feel confident and really happy with my investment with Lowe Living. It has been a productive and satisfying experience working with a very professional and supportive team on my project over the past year.”

To learn more about how you, as a landowner, can partner with Lowe Living to realise your property potential, please visit lowegroup.local/partner-with-us or contact our team on 03 9598 7357.

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