Lowe Living Speaker Series – Building a Legacy by Jared Byass


26 November 2020



Speaker Series

Written by Jared Byass, Director of Property Development

There’s nothing more satisfying than delivering a home that will be loved for many years to come.

Over my 20 years working within multi-residential development management I’ve learnt to approach every project as an opportunity to show that beautiful and thoughtful design can enrich the lives of the homeowner and the local community.

Here are the five things I have discovered about developing homes of enduring appeal.

1. Identify where people want to live

Ultimately the property needs to be in an aspirational lifestyle-focussed location, where clients will adore to live. So, it’s important to identify where people want to live and design a solution to make that possible. At Lowe Living we acquire superior sites in Melbourne’s most desirable locations with walking access to local amenities such as cafes, restaurants, and shops, along with outdoor recreation such as parks, beaches, walking trails and bike paths.

2. Consider the impact on the community

It’s so important to ensure a property responds to its environment and creates a connection to the local community. Working with communities and councils to enhance and improve neighbourhoods and streetscapes is of utmost importance to Lowe Living. Sustainability is another key consideration. Not only in materials and technological innovation, but also how our developments impact their environment. At Lowe Living we carefully consider every aspect of our projects, ensuring we deliver positive change to the communities we serve.

Lowe Living Landowner Testimonials

3. Collaborate with design-led project partners

Making the space work for the homeowner in the long-term must be at the core of every design. At Lowe Living we collaborate with market leading architects, interior architects and landscape designers to create the best possible home for our clients, which is then built by our partner Lowe Create, who are dedicated to delivering on the design intent. Together we have a shared vision for producing high quality, beautiful residences that carry a timeless design and deliver enduring enjoyment for our discerning clients.

4. Create a strong product mix

Developing properties of lasting appeal can’t just be about best yield for maximum profit, but rather about liveability and luxury for the homeowner. Consider the overall number of dwellings and storeys. Think about the layout of the residences. At Lowe Living we specialise in creating a home-like feel which is often lacking in multi-residential developments. This is achieved through exceptional floorplan layouts, often including a sense of entry, spacious interiors with generous air flow and natural light, and luxurious features that enhance lifestyles, like private outdoor spaces and entertaining zones. Most importantly, provide opportunity for personalisation with appliances or fixtures to best suit our clients lifestyle.

Completed Construction by Lowe Create

5. Develop a property that will stand the test of time

At Lowe Living, by realising the present and future aspirations of our clients, we have been able to deliver homes that will be loved for many years to come. Landowners want to feel that they are enriching their community by selling their property to a trusted developer. While the purchaser wants to feel that their new home will deliver on their needs and stand the test of time. Developers have a difficult reputation, so it’s important to challenge the stigma and change the narrative. It’s time for developers to be positive change makers and community enhancers by nurturing relationships, building trust and delivering on promises. At Lowe Living we take pride in our long list of very happy clients, which is a testament to our expert design, impeccable craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail and exceptionally executed projects.

I‘m proud to be part of the team at Lowe Living, where we create beautiful homes that stand the test of time and afford exceptional living and enjoyment for years to come.

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