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15 August 2019



Lowe Living strives to create homes of premium quality and enduring appeal by realising the present and future aspirations of our residential and investment clients. We are proud of our specialist design and construction principles, applying careful consideration to every stage of the development to ensure each Lowe Living project achieves our client’s long-held aspirations for their new home and lifestyle.
Lowe Living’s success as market leaders in residential design and construction is attributed to our directors combined 60 years of industry experience, the wealth of experience between our senior leadership team, as well as our uncompromising standards of integrity and transparency. By collaborating with an evolving team of respected Melbourne partners to achieve benchmark design and property solutions, we ensure the successful and timely completion of every stage of the design-to-build process to deliver high quality apartments and townhomes.

With a more astute and considered buyer now evident in the market, we understand that our clients are expecting a higher level of customer service and engagement with the product, including the opportunity to customise. The key to Lowe Living’s continued success can be attributed to our strong focus on client services. From the very first meeting, our highly experienced in-house client services team will work closely with you to fully understand your unique needs, preferences and long-held goals.

As a team, we are proud to give our clients the opportunity to be involved in the entire journey, whilst also offering flexibility and continuous engagement with the product. Providing an end-to-end service, our team will guide you through the process of purchase and customisation, will manage the construction through our building partner, Lowe Create, and provide support long after you move into your new home.

By understanding our astute buyers, Lowe Living have set new standards in home design and enjoyable living. Key fundamentals of a home are considered, such as creating a sense of entry and segregation of spaces within an apartment, ensuring there is an abundance of natural light and designing kitchen and dining areas for entertaining. We work closely with our design partners to ensure these considerations are incorporated into every project design.

We are also conscious of our client’s unique and individual preferences, including how you like to spend time in your home. As part of the Lowe Living offering, we provide a ‘Welcome Meeting’ for all clients with the opportunity to personalise your new home to suit your specific needs, before construction begins. By engaging closely with our clients during this meeting and throughout your entire journey, we ensure you understand the particulars of your future home and promote you to consider how the space can work for you, as well as guarantee the space is how you envisioned when we deliver the final product.

“I very much enjoyed the Welcome Meeting experience and appreciated having the ability to customise my apartment. When unsure of the right questions to ask, the Lowe team were very helpful in guiding me through the process of personalising my apartment and beyond.”


As the project comes to life, our clients are invited to attend walk-throughs during milestones throughout the construction process and as we move to completion, they will experience our bespoke handover processes which ensures moving into your new home is a seamless and comforting process.

“We are thrilled with our new home. Thanks to you all for the great care and workmanship that has made our home something to be very proud of.”

Brian and Shirley

To find out more about Lowe Living’s client journey or to discuss current opportunities, please contact our friendly Client Services Executive, Lisa Holbourn, on 0437 747 057. Alternatively, you can explore Lowe Group’s current, upcoming or completed projects, by clicking here.

You can also learn more about our client journey in Urban.com.au’s interview with our Founder and Managing Director, Tim Lowe, discussing 2019 buyer preferences and Lumiere Black Rock’s recent success in the market, by clicking here.

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