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05 September 2018



The next step in your investment journey.

At Lowe Living our specialised team want to help landowners realise the potential of their property. In last month’s blog, we explored land ownership and introduced Lowe Living’s latest partnership models. To expand on this commentary, we can observe the current market state, as well as key market trends, to secure landowner’s confidence in taking the next step in their investment journey with Lowe Living.

A closer look at the current state of the Melbourne property market reveals the time is right for partnering with Lowe Living. According to realestate.com.au[1], media reports of a slowdown in the housing market are somewhat misleading, as the market is actually highly divergent. Pricing is up year-on-year in Melbourne, although we do expect some continued moderation of pricing over the next six months. There is also widespread concern about apartment over-supply, but in reality, it is housing demand that is showing a greater level of weakness. Apartment living remains in high demand.

As the Australian economy gradually moves back into growth mode, the development pipeline, particularly for apartments, has slowed dramatically. This will result in fewer properties being available for purchase and provides our landowners with a more favourable climate to consider the next step in their investment journey, whether through redevelopment or downsizing.

In addition, the recent changes to the 2018 Federal Budget now offers homeowners over the age of 65 the opportunity to reverse mortgage when investing in property[2]. It is the perfect time to consider downsizing with the support and expertise of the Lowe Living team.

The trend to downsize for a simpler, lock-up and leave lifestyle supports the increasing demand for apartment living. Downsizing to apartment living is an opportunity to release equity in your existing home, equity that you can invest for a financially secure retirement filled with memorable holidays and everyday pleasures.

We are currently witnessing some interesting trends that are reshaping Melbourne’s property profile. The trend toward multi-generational homes is becoming notable due to changes in housing affordability, according to recent article in the Herald Sun[3]. More people are embracing innovative architecture that broadens the scope of a single residence, creating longevity households for future generations. This year we are seeing further examples of dwellings being designed to accommodate multiple generations living under the one roof. Amongst these dwellings we are also seeing site redevelopments that cater for both owner and tenant residencies.

Lowe Living work with an evolving team of respected Melbourne partners to achieve benchmark design and property solutions. With an eye for detail and forging strong collaborations with the best-in-industry architects and interior designers, we ensure the outcome of beautiful homes with quality and appeal. Paired with exceptional industry knowledge, we work alongside customers and partners for a seamless experience from beginning to end.

Lowe Living expertly navigates risks and opportunities intrinsic to property ventures. As a trusted partner, we are committed to realising your goals for releasing the equity in your current property or land, creating an enhanced lifestyle and generating an exceptional return.

To review Lowe Living’s partnership models, you can visit our August blog or refer to our Partner with us page for more information.

Alternatively, learn more about how you, as a landowner, can begin your investment journey with Lowe Living. Contact our team on 03 9598 7357.

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