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06 April 2019



Lowe Living is your trusted partner, committed to achieving the vision for your land by creating luxury homes that deliver a lifestyle of uncompromised quality and enjoyment. Our exceptional industry knowledge and experience builds mutually rewarding relationships with our valued clients and partners.

With an extensive portfolio of satisfied landowners, we have a proven ability to achieve the best outcomes for our client’s investments and lifestyles and are continuously inspired to deliver premium property solutions for our discerning investors.

Lowe Living’s passionate team of industry professionals will work with you to realise the potential of your current property or land. With a comprehensive and transparent suite of services including development management, architecture and design, sales and marketing and construction, we can remove many of the stresses and risks associated with the planning, sales and construction process.

Development Management
Lowe Living expertly navigates risks and opportunities intrinsic to property ventures. We thoughtfully manage every stage of development including land use assessments, local feasibility reports and raising capital to fund viable developments. Our experienced team takes care of every detail with a thorough knowledge and understanding of each project, allowing us to achieve the best possible outcome.

Architecture & Design
Lowe Living’s pursuit of excellence in the design of premium developments is realised through our ongoing collaboration with best-in-industry architectural and design partners. We are renowned for the contemporary and sensitive revitalisation of living spaces, maximising environment connection and lifestyle enjoyment. By sharing our vision with like-minded industry professionals, Lowe Living can achieve benchmark design and property solutions for our clients and partners. To view Lowe Living’s evolving team of respected Melbourne partners click here.

Sales & Marketing
From the very first meeting, Lowe Living’s highly experienced in-house Client Services and Marketing teams work closely with clients to fully understand their unique needs, preferences and long-held goals. The in-house marketing team develops proactive advertising and promotion strategies, generating premium sales materials that resonates with the architecture, design and location of each project. Lowe Living’s in-house Client Service team also deploys effective sales strategies adapting to market conditions, in collaboration with the marketing team. Furthermore, a key focus for Lowe Living is offering personalisation and facilitating client engagement in every stage of the construction process and beyond.

Providing building services to Lowe Living, Lowe Create, our design and construct builder has built a strong reputation for showcasing the best in residential construction. The dedicated site team works alongside developers and development managers to ensure the highest levels of design and construction services are achieved at every stage of development. The team also focuses on ensuring project schedules are maintained and optimum site management is achieved.

At Lowe Living we understand that property ownership is an ongoing journey that requires specialised experience, guidance and customisation, which is why we offer three partnership models. To learn more about how you, as a landowner, can partner with Lowe Living to realise your property potential, click here or contact our team on 03 9598 7357.

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