Clarendon St, South Melbourne


The team at Lowe Capital, in association with Lowe Living (LGH Investment Fund #15 Pty Ltd), are excited to confirm a next level property investment opportunity for new investors to enter the Tranche Two raise of our South Melbourne development.




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The Offer

The $160 million mixed-use development by Lowe Living is located at 182-200 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne and includes the involvement of exceptional partners in global giant Icon Kajima and award-winning architect Woods Bagot. The project is Development Application (DA) approved and comprises of a 2,550 sqm site (Settled, 31 October 2023) with retail and commercial tenancies and 36 residential units.

The equity investment opportunity for Tranche Two has remained open with the Issuer determined to keep the Offer open for investor involvement (Subsequent Offer). This Subsequent Offer is to enable investors to continue to participate in the Offer, up to $1.386 Million (Subsequent Offer) to continue to assist the development through to construction start. 21% targeted IRR*.

*Target and not a forecast. The return of capital and any income is not guaranteed. Read the information memorandum (IM) in full and seek independent advice to determine if the investment is right for you.

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