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15 May 2019



Over time our family shifts in size: growing, maturing and eventually scaling back as our children seek independence and move out. It’s only natural that our family home also varies in size with these changing dynamics and when your house is much bigger than you need, it may be time to consider downsizing.
Downsizing provides an opportunity to form a new home that reflects your current and future lifestyle. Specialising in the creation of high-quality off the plan apartments and townhouses in Melbourne’s most aspirational suburbs, Lowe Living’s homes are designed with downsizers in mind and offer functional yet spacious living spaces, are located close to local amenities and allow you to benefit from a lock-up-and-leave lifestyle.

Our team of experienced professionals offer an end-to-end service; guiding you through the process of purchasing off the plan and personalising your new home, through to managing construction alongside our building partner, Lowe Create, and providing post-purchase advice after you’ve moved into your new home.

Buying off the plan can offer many benefits. Primarily, providing more time to manage your affairs before moving into your new home and releasing equity for your retirement. This additional time is ideal for selling your current property and preparing your finances for settlement. There are also stamp duty savings available for owner-occupiers when purchasing off the plan, versus a completed product, and furthermore, the opportunity to personalise your new home by customising it to suit your specific needs including such items as your appliances, layouts and fixtures or fittings.

There are several key factors to consider when buying off the plan. We turned to Tim Lowe, Founder and Managing Director of Lowe Group, along with Jared Byass, Director of Property Development, and Lisa Holbourn, Client Services Executive, for some tips when buying off the plan and to share Lowe Living’s non-negotiables.

The location of your new home should play a big part in your purchase decision, from considering the proximity to local amenities to the position in the building itself. “Being close to public transport, the beach, parks and shopping centres will always ensure your home is not only in a convenient location for you but will guarantee your investment’s stability in a softening market”, says Lisa.

Lowe Living are very selective with the sites they develop. Jared explains that “ultimately the land we develop needs to be a lifestyle-based site, in an area that our buyers will adore to live in.”

It’s important to carefully review floorplans and scales, as these provide you with key information on your new home. Ensure you’re comfortable with the overall sqm and layout of the apartment, as well as the air flow and amount of natural light. Tim says, “as a developer, Lowe Living focuses on the owner-occupier and the downsizer, and we take this into account when developing floorplans. This often includes providing a sense of entry, bringing into the space a good-sized kitchen and spacious living and dining areas for entertaining in the home, as well as spacious master suites, amongst many other details.”

Jared adds, “we aim to furnish the buyer with details throughout the entire design lifecycle to ensure they are 100% across what they are purchasing, which also avoids any surprises at settlement.”

Developers & Builders
In today’s market, buyers seek confidence in their developers and builders. It’s important to know who your builder and developer is when buying the intangible. The industry experience held by Lowe Group’s team guarantees that the highest levels of design and construction services are achieved at every stage of the development. Our design and construct builder, Lowe Create, provides building services to Lowe Living and has built a strong reputation for meticulous construction, as well as an upstanding track record for delivery. “We have an internal construction arm of the business which enables us to maintain quality and integrity of the design for the entire project life. The end-to-end service of our group’s structure also ensures we deliver on the promised design and timelines,” explains Jared.

Finishes & Fixtures
Downsizing should also be an ‘upgrading’ experience, with the opportunity to select premium appliances, fixtures and finishes. Lowe Living works with best-in-industry architects and design partners, specifically selected to suit the site and the project’s vision. From the building’s façade through to a bathroom’s fixtures and fittings, every element within the project is carefully considered.

Lisa comments, “we know our clients love and recognise quality fixtures and finishes, and by working with premium partners we are able to deliver the best selection of fixtures and finishes to work with the overall aesthetic of the residence. With the additional option to personalise your home in the initial stages of your experience, you can really make your new home perfect for you.”

Completion & Handover
As your new home comes to life, the journey to completion should be a transparent and comforting process. Lowe Living offers a bespoke service tailored to the client, ensuring a seamless experience from the point of purchase to moving into your new home and beyond. “Lowe Living put a lot of focus on the client journey and we are proud to give you the opportunity to be involved in the entire process. Our Client Services team remain in regular contact and ensure you’re kept up-to-date and all your queries are addressed, as we move through to construction, settlement and handover but also are very hands on with the post-purchase experience.” explains Lisa.

Like all artistic pursuits, downsizing requires preparation, expertise and vision. At Lowe Living we have mastered the art of creating homes of premium quality and enduring appeal. By realising the present and future aspirations of our clients, we can deliver a home that you will love for many years to come.

If you have any questions regarding stamp-duty savings, personalisation or would like to discuss current opportunities available, please contact our friendly Client Services Executive Lisa Holbourn on 0437 747 057.

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