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13 May 2020



A Guide to Styling for Change by GOLDEN

Welcome to the second instalment of our Speaker Series, providing you with exclusive access to our experts and award-winning partners.

This month’s feature guest is interior design firm GOLDEN. Co-founded by creative directors Alicia McKimm and Kylie Dorotic in 2013, GOLDEN specialise in high-end residential design, creating expressive and intelligent spaces that draw from the rich beauty of the natural surroundings. Having collaborated on a handful of projects with Lowe Living, GOLDEN have established themselves as a trusted partner by aligning with our core design principles of quality, style and enjoyable living.

We asked the team to share their advice on preparing to downsize and styling new townhomes and apartments.

What makes a signature GOLDEN design?

GOLDEN projects reflect an intuitive understanding of the impact physical environments have on our wellbeing. We believe in design that is clever and intriguing where the longevity of good design contributes to a better quality of life. GOLDEN design is driven by original ideas and places importance on collaboration.

How do the projects you have collaborated with Lowe Living on differ from traditional medium density developments?

GOLDEN have collaborated with Lowe Living on Azura Aspendale and Promenade Aspendale. With both projects the interior design is inspired by their locations, a sophistication to the aesthetic with an unbuttoned sensibility, association to the tranquillity and access of the beach. ‘House like’ dwellings drove our design ethos, the function of spaces feeling less apartment and more home-style differing them from other medium density developments.

What is your styling advice for Lowe Living purchasers preparing to downsize?

Downsizing is a great moment in life where one can assess their larger home collections and curate what is important, special and essential for general life.

What is the best way to maximise the space of a smaller home?

Consider spatial planning and how you will move around the space. When there is a fluidity in how we use our home it helps to maximise our space.


How can Lowe Living purchasers incorporate their own design aesthetic into the carefully curated design intent?

The finishes palette is neutral, presenting a canvas that allows the residents’ furniture and art collections to be complimented rather than secondary. Ease of maintenance is supported by finishes, which are hardy and enduring to accommodate day-to-day living demands. The residences are not targeted at a direct demographic, avoiding trends or current influences and appealing to a discerning character who understands quality design.

The most recent Lowe Living project featuring the design talents of GOLDEN is Azura Aspendale, a sanctuary of style showcasing coastal sophistication and exquisite architectural design. When asked about the vision for these beachfront townhomes apartments, GOLDEN explained “At Azura, The moment you enter each residence, you are presented with a custom designed timber handle to the front door. Influences of coast are detailed in the interior elements, fireplaces clad with large format chalky limestone, entertainment plinths surfaced with hand made ceramic tiles almost shell like. The granite to the kitchen is brushed and flamed purposefully to present a soft texture.

Quality materials (granite, limestone, engineers boards, man made veneers, etc) and fixtures (Miele, Fisher & Paykel, Flow, Phoenix, etc) attribute to a durable aesthetic with a combined emphasis of robustness, all in line with our spirit of design which is timeless and long lasting.

Kitchens extend to display annexes and bars for entertainment.

Lighting is well considered and placed strategically over task areas and display walls, rather than scattered in grid. Bathrooms enjoy a wall-mounted light at the vanity and mirror for lateral glow to the face avoiding ceiling lighting as the primary illuminator. Kitchen islands receive a specialised pendant over for additional preparation lighting.”

Are there ways to curate a space around treasured and legacy furniture pieces from your existing home?

Our home is a reflection of who we are and our treasured pieces define that reflection. Carefully considering these pieces when sourcing new furniture and decor, be it contemporary or vintage, is important. However, existing pieces don’t need to define our space but rather add an eclectic nature.

Do you have any rules around decorative pieces and knickknacks?

Select pieces that have a meaning as well as pieces of different materiality. It is also important to select pieces of different scale, a large solid piece will be grounded and provide a focal piece on its own while smaller pieces can be clustered together with books.

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GOLDEN has an amazing approach to colour and integrating natural materials. What advice can you provide on grouping colours and working with different tones, finishes and materials?

Using different materials and pairing natural stones with rich fabrics, textures and metals adds a level of interest in the space. Ensuring there is harmony amongst the different finishes is really important. Choosing tones that complement each other, rather than fight, will help to establish that harmony.

Spatial design is important here also, concentrating on flow of planning, engagement of spaces and essentially sense of place. With aspect of view and abundance of natural light our palettes shine, enhanced with natural airflow and outdoor access.

Finally, what are some ways that Lowe Living purchasers can make their new space feel like home?

Scents and window furnishings are a great way to personalise your new apartment. Layering objects, ambient lighting and scents create your desired mood. Window furnishings will soften the space and control the natural light and how it filters into your home.
We hope this has provided valuable guidance for styling your new townhome or apartment. Be sure to check back next month as we continue our Speaker Series.

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