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28 March 2018



For so long it seems there is never enough space in our homes for everyone and everything and then all too quickly we begin to walk past empty rooms and unused spaces. When your family has left home and your house appears tired and much bigger than you need, it may be time to consider downsizing
Downsizing is all about creating a new home that reflects your future priorities and lifestyle aspirations. It is a positive proactive decision towards achieving the next stage in your property journey. Downsizing to apartment living is an opportunity to release equity in your existing home, equity that you can invest for a financially secure retirement filled with memorable holidays and everyday pleasures.
The location of your home is so important; it is often why we choose to live in a particular suburb. Lowe Living understands the close connection home-owners feel to their current location. We appreciate your need to retain long-held friendships, favourite haunts, community clubs and lifestyle. We are specialists in providing boutique living in Melbourne’s sought after suburbs as well as sourcing unique residential sites that offer the aspirational lifestyles wanted. Our luxury homes are positioned to embrace the very best of each location, close to everyday amenity, natural surrounds and popular destinations. Residents are free to create their perfect lifestyle with the abundant array of retail, dining, recreation and services available in these locations, ensuring a life of ease and everyday enjoyment.

Just imagine working alongside our award-winning teams to create a stunning home specifically designed for the next stage of your life. Our spacious functional floor plans mean there is no need to compromise on living space and the whole apartment is utilised. Buying off the plan gives you full customisation so all your personal touches are included in your individual way. With the highest attention to detail and premium finishes, your new apartment will be a showcase of contemporary luxury with enduring appeal.

Downsizing to an apartment brings other benefits including more time for the things you love to do. Time previously spent mowing lawns and caring for large garden areas can be spent socialising or pursuing favourite hobbies and pastimes. Experience peace of mind knowing your apartment is secure when you take a holiday as you just lock up and leave.

Like all artistic pursuits, downsizing requires preparation, expertise and vision. At Lowe Living we pride ourselves on our ability to help you achieve a trouble-free  transition to exceptional living in your very own customised home. Our team of experienced professionals are your perfect partners guiding you through every stage from the initial decision to downsize right up to moving into your new apartment. Offering end-to-end service, we help you articulate what is important in your new home and support you as you deal with the move from your current residence.

We appreciate that moving can be difficult with so many decisions to make but our team has ‘tried and true’ tips for minimising the stress. We will show you how to begin the culling of your house contents, ways to sell or donate belongings and how to prepare for the actual move. The decision to keep your furniture or refurnish in order to achieve the interior design team’s styling is also something we can assist you with.

Planning for your move can save you a lot of frustration and stress in the weeks leading up to moving day. Decide early if you will pack up your home or invest in a removalist. Create a countdown checklist or moving planner that lists all the tasks and elements of your move so you can pace the many tasks involved in packing up your home. Prepare a timeline with important dates so you can keep to schedule. Try to be objective as you say goodbye to belongings that you no longer use or will be unsuitable for your new home.

Following these simple guidelines will help to reduce stress and frustration and keep you positive and excited about your move into your new home.

Lowe Living brings together like-minded residents. Our beautiful apartments deliver enjoyable living with all the benefits of downsizing. Downsizing is an art but we have mastered the art and are committed to partnering with you to create an exceptional home that you will love for many years to come. Click here for Lowe Living current projects.

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